Zara has removed the sneakers white favorite Hailey Bieber


Have a white sneakers it is one of the basic rules of the closet perfect. But in the last few years have changed that model a few times. In 2019 the sneaker white was transformed with the trend of the platform. And this 2020 this fashion continues to be imposed. Do not say just us, the shoe white favorite of Kendall Jenner or Hailey Baldwin is as you described: pristine and with platform. We had already discovered that all the sneakers that we have carried since before Hailey Baldwin.

But now that Zara has released a model just like their sneaker fetishes – we know this because even married them – we caught them a little bit more. We seem to be the perfect purchase for brand new as possible our looks for spring.

White sneakers from Zara

D. R.

Shoe white rubber sole from Zara

D. R. Zara


Although these days we are calzándonos the slippers to give them cane training at home, when they pass these #diasextraordinarios brand new shoes seems to be a great way to get back to the routine and enjoy each look at each step. We are wearing these sneakers with white dresses flowers, with jeans, with morning joggers… And with the sweatshirt in the good vibes that has become the ‘yellow jacket’ of the quarantine, and that you can do with a simple DIY at home.

Marta Lozano with the sweatshirt tye-dye viral


In addition, the platform is the ‘trick’ infallible of the most bajitas to add at the same time centimeters and style. That’s why the outsole of transparent rubber of the white sneakers from Zara they are going to convince more than one to renew your shoe for sports.