A LITTLE HUMOR – The actor Adrián Delgado explains a new risk of quarantine (+VIDEO)


Adrian Delgado says another risk of the quarantine is to see your partner, Alexandra Braun, cooking.

In full quarantine for the coronavirus what is certain is that many artists have taken their talents as comedians to be able to reinvent itself in the social networks and do not become inactive until power to go back to their homes. One of them is without a doubt the venezuelan actor Adrian Delgado, who explained in a video the other risk that has been involved to be quarantined, because now you must spend as much time as possible at home.

As explained by the venezuelan artist, see your partner cooking is one of the risk factors in the middle of the quarantine by the coronavirus. Without giving details, he said that doesn’t know what is worse “if the coronavirus or to see Alexandra cooking”.

Was established that the actress also Alexandra Braun it is not very slick for the kitchen, but for fans this is a actually quite funny and so to let them know in the comments, where they also highlighted that what is important is the intention with which the creole gets to the kitchen and try it.

The video has already 35 thousand reproductions and hundreds of comments.

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