‘A quiet place 2’ will premiere in September

The crisis of the coronavirus has turned out to be a pandemic health, but also a disease for the seventh art. With the closure of the cinema, and the confinement in the house of the and the spectators, many, many films, have had to change their release date planned, retrasándola or sometimes even by canceling it even without plans. The latest in change of place in the calendar have been ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ christmas or ‘Minions: The origin of Gru’ until next year. However, already weeks that is leading to these movements, and ‘A quiet place 2’ was the first to postpone its premiere, scheduled for march 19, indefinitely.

Then it was John Krasinski, the director, the manager announce it through the social networks, but now has been Paramount, which has been reported to already have a new date for the sequel to this horror story: the monsters are back on the 4th of September.

'A quiet place 2' will premiere in September

The film once again Emily Blunt in the lead role, the accompanying his children once again in fiction: Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe. In addition, the division is summed, Cillian Murphy and Djimon Hounsou. This second installment starts right after the empowering end of the first part, in a dystopian future where some strange creatures are blind, but very sensitive to any sounds,or have taken control of the planet Earth. The family Abbott is forced to leave his home and face the outside world, a reality full of danger fighting in complete silence to survive and find other survivors.

Plans for a trilogy

Although the sequel to ‘A quiet place’ has not yet been released on any site, Krasinski, also a screenwriter, you already have ideas to continue with the story: “when at the end I started to write this sequel, I started with that path that I had left and this time I think my brain began to ask questions about what would it mean more forward, and began to write annotations just in case I prepare for a third film”said the director at Collider.

Anyway there is nothing signed and we will see how it works ‘A quiet place 2’ when it hits theaters next September, because even though the rooms back to be active, Hollywood already lost the summer of 2020. There will be major blockbusters and it is not expected that people throw out in droves to the movie theaters at the time that the lifting of the quarantine, will be progressive and will take many months to recover to normality.

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