Adele lost more than 45 kilos, and this is the diet and the coach who made him hot body!


The trainer, Adele said: “She does not look thin, it looks perfect, healthy”

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The trainer, Adele said: “She does not look thin, it looks perfect, healthy”

After that Adele surprised with your hot body at the edge of the sea, accompanied by Harry Styles and James Corden, everyone is talking about your diet and the trainer that helped her to define her figure. Your fan, Lexi Larson, who sat down to talk with her on that trip, she told People magazine that the singer of ‘Hello’ I already told you that I had lost something like 100 pounds. After that, the internet exploded.

But we must remember that the transformation of the silhouette of Adele it is not of these past few months. It began when he spoke of exercise, and changing your lifestyle, then walked away from the social networks and of music and it seems that all that time was dedicated to build a better version of herself!

During this time we know that it underwent a rigid diet (some media say that was the of Sirtfood), where reduced your calorie intake in half and drinking many green juices. However, what completed the weight loss of MORE than 45 kilos was the training of pilates with Camila Goodis, better known as the magician of the body brazilian.

Goodis told the tv host in London, Lorraine Kelly:

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Goodis told the tv host in London, Lorraine Kelly: “it Is a good diet for losing weight. The first week is intense, green juices, and only 1,000 calories”.

The newspaper The Sunrevealed that Camila met Adele when I was training Aid, the wife of Robbie Williams, as the two were friends and used to train together. Camila said, “when it came to exercise I did not know who she was and when it was, I thought, oh, it looks a bit like Adele”. After meeting her he began to work with her.

And sure you’re wondering, what training did you do? Goodis revealed that she wore a daily workout of pilates and core strength, although that only helped her maintain the figure that she had lost after losing weight. Claims that Adele “is doing exercise, but he believes that the 90% is diet. Believes that the secret of his weight loss is to give up processed foods, sugar and fizzy drinks and incorporating more vegetables and soy to their diet.”

Other sources told The Sun that Adele has been working in secret with other coaches as Dalton Wong (who also trains Jennifer Lawrence) and Joe Wicks’s, following his body coach plan: “She is not the type of exercise in front of the other, so he schemes and plans at home, using your videos and tutorials”.

What is fact, is that Adele it looks more radiant and safer than ever, but most of all, happy and healthy! In short, it is our body inspiration of this year.

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