Alexa Dellanos usa uncovered a swimsuit with a leopard turning on all Instagram


The famous daughter of Myrka Dellanos, Alexa Dellanos, has proved that beauty and talent are heritable, because at 24 years of age has been given to notaren the internet becoming its own base of followers and of course also for being the daughter of the famous conductor.

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The beautiful girl appeared with a swimsuit super bold with leopard print, now a famous Instagram already committed to consent to their 1.8 million followers, they are enamored of the young.

It is the most recent pubiicación of the beautiful model, with a couple of photos in which she appears with a nice bathing suit “animal print”, with a neckline so large that their attributes are escaped of this. The first is from the front with arms up and with a daring pose.

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In the second picture was even more surprised, as it lies on her back and looking down at the camera, making eye contact with the fans that saw the photo thus causing it to quickly raise its temperature, as it appears, wearing his great rearguard that has become quite popular recently.

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The publication has more than 64 thousand “likes” and many comments, in which hundreds of men, declare their great love for her, because they are totally in love, because its beautiful figure has trapped and keeps you glued to the screen of your cell phone or computer.

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The now popular model stands out for his impressive physique, however she is also an actress and businesswoman, so it is one of the greatest prides of her mother, who supports her at all times. Your mom is Myrka Dellanos, journalist, and television presenter cuban-american, recognized in Latin america for having been for many years the presenter of the famous television program of the Univision network, First Impact.

Many fans claim that Alexa and Myrka seem to be sisters, since they publish a lot of images in which they appear together, in that they look very similar and young, with this note that have a tie super special.

Alexa account tambiénn a youtube channel in which enjoys to show us a variety of situations, such as some photo sessions in which it participates, however there is only account with 200 thousand followers, although it could increase if it is constant and continues to raise compelling content.