Anitta gives the list of operations (and you’re not going to believe how many you have)


Anitta in The Ant

April 02, 2020
(21:07 CET)

Anitta being one of the big “winners” on social networks during this pandemic coronavirus covid-19 because of its naturalness and the help it is providing to the entrepreneurs who need it most.

The brazilian singer is showing as it is and it is captivating to many people, although there are many others who are still going to their networks to see the appeal, sensuality, and the body of scandal that you have.

In fact, that body is made up of a lot cosmetic surgery as she herself acknowledged some time ago in an interview in The Ant.


The face is where most

The face is the place of the body where most operations has made a spectacular singer, and brazilian is that Anitta he has never hesitated to recognize the importance of the scalpel for her.

I designed my face. My father says that son and a daughter very beautiful, and I tell him I have no shame because I’ve done eight surgeries in the face,” he explained between laughter in your time.

And it seems that you still are not satisfied with just this change and has recognized that you would like to be operated more times, even if you don’t have time.

In this way, explained the brazilian, who also did a breast reduction some time ago: “If I did not work much, my face would already be another. Each year it would be a different person. You could even change the name of artistic”.