Barbara de Regil shows slutty photo in the tub


Barbara de Regil it has become one of the main driving force for this quarantine not to forget the healthy lifestyle, and through your account Instagram do not stop to give us recipes of healthy meals, including all day classes cardio for those who stay at home.

Now Barbara de Regil surprise us with a picture very hot, to delight the eye with their sensuality, as appears fully naked in a bath tub, covered in bubbles, causing all his followers to become crazy for it.

And is that the actress that gave life to Rosario Scissors has a great sense of humor, and though many make fun of her for carrying a life fitness, the world-famous take a joke, and until she makes memes of their occurrences.

  • “You’re Home ?Eat healthy �� but also eat what you like the most ��Acéptate as you are ♥️Perdónate ♥️Mimate much ����♀️����♀️ You alone … AS YOU CAN ❗️do Not be harsh with you,” posted the actress.

Look at the photo of Barbara de Regil

By the way, while the actress receives hundreds of criticism on the part of internet users, there was a person that defended it to the hilt, and it was Danna Paola, who a few days ago published a series of stories on Instagram, thanking and praising the girl fitness.

Danna Paola received a package with a product of Barbara de Regil, so he was the interpreter of Ill-Fame thanked and defended the actress from all the hate messages he has received via social networking, because it seems that it is a “Woman Ch1ng0na”

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Barbara de Regil has more than 6 million followers on his account of Instagram, which, this evening, did not hesitate to admit what sexy is actress Rosario Scissors, as she has a body to be envied.