Belén Esteban has a nickname (and it is humbling). “It is more shameful than that of María Teresa Campos”


Belén Esteban in Save me

April 03, 2020
(13:55 CET)

When Belén Esteban began to appear many years ago in the studios of the television Spainfew could imagine that the then former partner of Jesulín de Ubrique it would become one of the more faces in a row, and that further hearing would take place in the following years.

And is that Bethlehem it has become one of the main protagonists of the ‘universe Telecinco’. A Stephen that has been known to go recycled and that, thanks to their character, their particular sense of humor, and, above all, to his stunning spontaneity, has given to the string of Paolo Vasile big moment of glory.

Belén Esteban in Save me

Yes, as is usual in this type of phenomena of the press/tv of the heart, not everyone in the chain adore precisely to Bethlehem. There have been many that, especially after a confrontation with her either in direct or in the pasillas, have recognized his antipathy toward her.

The nickname of Belén Esteban

But beware, because evil tongues say that many of these ‘enemies’ of the Stephen he has a nickname. A nickname that, as you well know its haters, “it is more shameful than that of María Teresa Campos”.

And it is that that is not another that of “pagafantas”. While there are those who are happy that the partner of Save me, among others, has found love with Miguel Framesa man who was not linked to the world of television, there are few also that seeing the differences of salary between one and the other (Miguel is ambulance driver) speak of Stephen as a “pagafantas”.

A nickname disparaging the result of the anger that you have some and that leaves nothing to the of Mary Teresa Fields, to which its detractors refer to, a formadespectiva and very disrespectful, as “the old”. Two examples of how, for a lot of that in Telecinco always try to give the image that the trouble starts and ends in a set of doors towards the inside there is a bad roll evident.