“Bless the houses”, the new theme of Chocolate MC for the coronavirus


The repartero cuban Chocolate MC is working on a song dedicated to the tragedy by the spread of coronavirus in the world.

In the issue, the singer asks that they be blessed the houses of “I have enough and that has the light”, “the poor and the rich,” and calls for all people of the world.

“My god, my god, lately are happening strange things. Bless the houses, my God, what’s happening!!”, wrote the artist along with an advancement that made the theme in your account of Instagram.

“Bless the houses that have enough and that has light, to bless the houses of the whole world, to bless the houses of the reparteros. Bless the homes that you are dying people, and not by accident,” says part of the issue.

The King of the reparteros asks in her song blessings to Santiago of Chile, France, Honduras, Panama, Russia, Jerusalem, Peru, Toronto, Puerto Rico, Mexico and, of course, Cuba.

The repartero also asked God to “stop all the terrorists who kill people for pleasure”.

Chocolate, whose real name is Yosvanis Arismín Sierra Hernandez, just brand new house with his bride Daine and the small daughter both, Odainys. The artist showed his followers his new home on the outside and inside in a small virtual tour in their stories of Instagram, and celebrated another great personal achievement.