Bride of the Bad Bunny is captured by giving passionate kisses with another woman


Bad Bunny it has become one of new features in the trend of social networks thanks to a video where Gabriela Berlingeri, who is known for being girlfriend of the singer, has been the protagonist of a hot scene, where he appears giving a few passionate kisses with another woman.

There is No denying that Bad Bunny has managed to become one of the leading exponents of the genre most important town of the past few years, and after appearing dressed as a woman in the music video “I Dirty Dancing Alone”, its popularity has increased in an impressive way.

But the fame and success go hand in hand with the scandals, as it is well known that the private life of Bad Bunny it is no more because it is constantly involved in scandals and today has been no exception as the puerto rican singer has caused controversy with a video that you have shared in your account of Instagram.

Bride of the Bad Bunny is captured by giving passionate kisses with another woman.

Bad Bunny and his girlfriend go nuts on Instagram

Gabriela Berlingeri has started to become popularity within the the middle of the show to get in touch sentimentally with Bad Bunny, but apparently this young would be starring in her first scandal after sharing a video where he appears on being unfaithful to the singer as in the clip kissing passionately with a woman.

But there is nothing to worry as the mysterious lady of black curls and that boasts their great curves through a close-fitting orange dress turned out to be Bad Bunny, who at that time was recording the scenes of his latest music video.

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This publication of Bad Bunny on Instagram has caused quite a stir among its fans, and although everything was tried to a joke where even the famous singer apologized for it, today you have shown that your romantic relationship is going great and got on very well between them.

Photos: Instagram @badbunnypr and @gabrielaberlingeri