Cardi B cancel concerts for liposuction


Cardi B he canceled several concerts that she had in the program because it is too proven by the recent liposuction to which it is subjected. The rapper, who ten months ago she gave birth to the daughter Kulture, has revealed that he recently subjected to an operation of cosmetic surgery to stand off the extra pounds taken during pregnancy.

According to an insider “TMZ” the rapper is yes subject to a liposuction surgery, but extreme in the sense that it put in serious danger his life because it has forced the medical staff to take away a lot fatmore than you can do so without compromising the clinical picture of the patient. But the Cardi B has not heard the reasons. The only important thing was to get in a short the best result in the the shortest possible time. She was convinced that it would then be recovered in the recovery in any way.

But, after having resumed performing on stage a few days after the operation, the 26-year-old has, however, realized the need of more time to recover because of the strong painkillers taken to perform not have helped her to not feel the excruciating pains the hound from the day of the liposuction. Its spokesman has made it known that they were deleted several shows that were in the program in the next few days, including one in Texas and one in Maryland.

In the press note read by his pierre reads: “Cardi has to be exaggerated in the return to work immediately, you have not taken the time necessary to fully recover after the surgery. His body has suffered, and doctors have ordered her to cancel the rest of his performances scheduled for the month of may.” “Cardi is very sorry if some fans will be disappointed. But he wants to reassure everyone that will retrieve the dates in Septemberhe added, ” the press officer.

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