Diana-Hole delights his followers to interpret a song of Adele


The actress Nurses left with the mouth open to his fans after posting a video singing.

2 Apr 2020 17:50By: canalrcn.com

Diana Hoyos usually leave them sighing their followers with their beautiful photos. But on this occasion not only the left open-mouth by her beauty, but for their talent for singing.

In time of quarantine, the actress and also singer, dazzled and astonished his followers by showing another facet. The song.

On this occasion, by means of a Instagram TV, Diana he performed the famous song of the singer Adele, ‘Make you feel my love’ leaving his followers stunned by her spectacular voice, who did not hesitate to react and to congratulate you on your great talent.

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The actress, a native of Cali decided to choose a suit in black to share its cover with all the public. In addition, was accompanied by a skillful pianist by a video that was projected behind the singer.

The publication has more than 8 thousand ‘likes’ and more than 400 comments.

It is worth remembering that the actress who plays Maria Clara in Nurses has been shown as one of the artists most comprehensive in the country.

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