Dies at age 52 by coronavirus Adam Schlesinger, Oscar-nominated for ‘That Thing You Do’


Recently, we learned that Adam Schlesinger, a member of the group Fountains of Wayne, had tested positive for coronavirus and was in serious condition, had induced a coma and put on a respirator. Variety reports that the musician has not been able to with the virus and has died at age 52.

Adam Schlesinger, Rachel Bloom and Jack Dolgen

Schlesinger was part of several bands, but the most famous was Fountains of Wayne, especially for the song nominated for the Grammy ‘Stacy’s Mom’. From 2000 he began to compose music for films like ‘Something’s wrong with Mary’ or ‘The Wonders’, directed by Tom Hanks. Thanks to ‘That Thing You Do’, main theme of the film of Hanks, he won a nomination to the Oscar.

Then he gave the jump to the small screen, making the songs for ‘Sesame street’, ‘Saturday Night Live’ and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’. For this last would be an Emmy, thanks to the song ‘Anti-Depressants Are So Not a Big Deal’.


Rachel Bloom, the protagonist of ‘Crazy Ex Girlfriend’ and composer of songs with Schlesinger and Jack Dolgen, has been one of the first to say goodbye to him on social networks, with a sincere: I have so much to say Adam Schlesinger that I am missing completely the words. It is irreplaceable. Tom Hanks also wanted to remind you: “I would not have Playtone without Adam Schlesinger, without your ‘That Thing You Do’. It was only one. Will we have lost by the COVID-19. Today I am terribly sad”.

More famous, such as Stephen Colbert (for a song for their show won a Grammy), Jon Bernthal (it was his cousin, and wrote when he learned that he was in the hospital) or Darren Criss have wanted to say goodbye to the musician:

“It saddens Me so much to hear about the death of Adam Schlesinger by COVID-19. The show from Dana Carvey to the Christmas special of Colbert, was an artist of genius (and patient) and talented, I was very lucky to work with him. Peace”

“This is my cousin Adam. Small I hallucinated his talent. Showed Me how cool it was to be an artist. I love you cousin. I know strong. God bless you and all the heroes in the hospital who are in the front line. Please take back to Adam in your heart”

“DEP Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne), great singer, composer, smart and satirical. What a terrible lose with 52 years for this virus”

“Those who know my life as a composer, the race of Adam Schlesinger was always a great source of inspiration for me. He had a grace lyric only matched by his expert understanding of form, and was always able to merge the two in a way really fun and accessible”

The co-creator of the ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’, Aline Brosh McKenna, has been expanded in a press release recalling how he met Schlesinger, the 157 songs that he composed for the series, and gives us a demo that I sent to her and Rachel Bloom a songat the same time says “I’ve always loved your singing voice”.