Dies the protagonist of the video clip “Me against you” from Daddy Yankee


Jessie Kings, the protagonist of the video clip of the song I am against it the puerto rican singer of urban music Daddy Yankee in collaboration with the Symphonic Orchestra of Puerto Rico, died due to breast cancer that was diagnosed on the 27th of February 2017 when he was just 30 years old.

The young man won the love and support of the public to appear in the audiovisual material Big Boss representing your case with a strong interpretation that conveyed the strength and encouragement to all those who, like her, were battling against the disease.

The news of their departure was given to know through their profile of Instagram with a a striking text which we reproduce below.

“The STRUGGLE has ended! Don’t be sad thinking about me. Imagine that I have party to a place that is really wonderful, I’ve begun a long journey to eternity, where I will be happy and totally at peace… you did not hurt anything. I am writing to you because I know that my departure must have taken them by surprise and that maybe they are sad, with broken hearts and thousands of thoughts that invade the soul.

Just imagine that I’m not alone, if since I started this process have been thousands of angels, who have accompanied me and they will accompany me up to dwell to the side of the lord, God.

It is difficult to explain how I feel, but I can tell you is that it feels good to be here. The sun has returned to shine incredibly and the clouds reflect its light, causing the rays more beautiful for all sides. Here there are a lot of people like me, it is the people who long ago beat me to the punch, and it really makes me happy.

And so I want to remember relatives, friends and acquaintances, celebrate that you can see me in each act of love. I am just that, simply love. That their tears do not prevent you from seeing the stars and close if soul is not to leave off please, when more laugh more brightness there, when you suffer most but they abrazaré I, in each breath of the wind, in each new sunrise and in every moment I am there. I know that I will miss but don’t think of when I think of me when I was and in everything beautiful that we have, in all these simple moments that we will never forget.

Today I say goodbye and I don’t look at all sides, it is not necessary because I am there and I will be for all eternity, gripped your soul, close your heart, watching and praying for you… ALWAYS!

I never I will leave your side as long as you remember me, because my smile now shines in eternity, I love you INTENSELY”.

Daddy Yankee showed their grief on social networks after learning about the death of Jessie Kings. The artist of reggaeton shared a piece of the video I am against it accompanied by some heartfelt words in which he recalled fondly his work with the young.

“This tbt is sad but at the same time special. Sad, because we wake up with the news of your departure. Special, for your legacy. Always gave a war and never allowed the cancer to steal your identity. I will never forget the strength that cantabas: ‘you Can touch my body, my soul is untouchable. Although it tears my flesh, my faith is unwavering. Don’t steal who I am, my spirit is stronger. This war I have won even if I face the death’. Fly high to that place, where there is no pain, tears or suffering. Rest in peace and in power by the Lord’s side Jessie Kings”.

The song I am against it he was part of the campaign of the organization Susan G. Komen and your event Race for the Cure and was nominated for a Latin Grammy.