Dwayne Johnson teaches his little daughter to wash their hands to the rhythm of ‘Vaiana’


Disney scored another smash hit with ‘Vaiana’, adventure movie which had the classic ingredients ideal to conquer his audience: songs more than catchy, a heroine very powerful and a few side undeniableamong them the one that is to borrow his voice to the actor Dwayne Johnson. The demigod Maui soon became a large part of the prominence among the little ones, thanks to a single theme: ‘nothing’, a song that now the interpreter that the entonase ad nauseum during the promotion of the tape, has decided to take to teach your youngest child to wash their hands.

  Promotional image of the Disney film, 'Vaiana'

As well points to Johnson in the message that accompanies this publication, in fact the small just wanted to hear him singbut with the aversion that they have many children that have to stop their games to worry about hygiene; we understand that the actor has decided to use its famous character to distract the little one. While we are confined at home, this is the ritual prior to the shower dad. Now every time I go to take a shower, the small Tia (mama mia) asks me to sing the rap of my song ‘nothing’ from ‘Vaiana’, while I wash my hands. A few weeks ago we discovered that that piece of the song lasts the right amount of time and get the little ones to enjoy themselves by washing hands. Take heed and stay at home friends”. It is really difficult to achieve this level of adorabilidad by making reference to a complicated situation, I die of love with the video!

A lovable tough guy

In the privacy of his home, Johnson is more teddy bear than machine deal get to duke it out, but on the big screen is a man of action. In fact, one of his last papers most recognized is the agent Hobbs in the saga ‘Fast & Furious’. So successful has been his character since he was introduced in the fifth installment of the franchise, who last year starred in her own spin-off, together with Shaw, a tough guy that gives life to Jason Statham. The film, which completed this duo of males of the hand of Vanessa Kirby, and have also with performers such as Idris Elba or Helen Mirren; it was all a success, by what has already been given the green light to a sequel. The own Johnson has been commissioned to confirm this by ensuring that she is very excited and you are already thinking about what direction they will take with the new adventure.