Entered by coronavirus. Jorge Javier Vázquez in shock. Alarm Save me

Jorge Javier Vázquez

April 02, 2020
(11:30 CET)

According to experts, the curve begins to stabilize, however the figures are frightening and much. This week, when I had started to notice a growing retail is soaring to peaks of the first few days. 102.000 infections and nearly 10,000 deadwith Icus in many cities totally saturated. The country, like the rest of the world, is experiencing its greatest health crisis that will result in a great economic crisis never seen before. Tough times are ahead, but right now it is more important to save lives.

This was really and finally have realized all of the citizens who are confined in their homes. There are many people who have lost their lives and thanks to the famous we learned that this disease is no joke. Faces like Lucía Bosé, among others have been killed by the coronavirus.

Jorge Javier Vázquez currently, during the first few hours of program, leads a panel discussion where they try the last hour on the coronavirus with several experts. The presenter has been more of a scolding for being presenting the program remains a person of risk. Although this is not safe no one and they say it to Toñi Salazar.

brothers salazar

This Thursday Toñi Salazar confessed that his brother John had been entered by coronavirus. It is very concerned by the lack of information. Since you entered does not know anything of it, since you can not get closer to the hospital for safety measures. “I was just talking about an hour on the phone with my sister Embodies”, he confessed.

“My brother, John, los chunguitos, you have entered. Imagine, the shock has been tremendous, because we do not have direct contact with the medical team, so that all that we know is through my niece. Through it we know of him, seems to be that is fine, but clear is that we don’t know much more… We have so little information”, account.