for Scarlett Johansson, it is a drama, family


Black Widow

“Family Drama”, is here defined as Black WIdow its protagonist, Scarlett Johansson

Black Widow the film is a prequel and tells the fire the hidden side of the life of Natasha Romanoff, the one that we always heard, is drum, but it’s never been explored in the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At least until now. Scarlett Johanssonthe protagonists and face dsel character for more than ten years, has recently described, cinecomic of the standalone Marvel Studios as a “drama for the family,” explain it to him, too, to see that it is quite strange, Natasha Romanoff in this environment.

In a new interview with Total Film, the star of the talent of Kevin Feige for the narration, and the constant ability to praised the fans surprise you with what each production Marvel Studios can reach. Here are his words about the film that we will see very soon:

One of the themes of the film is the family. What is the family? How do we define ourselves? How it defines our past? Like our family, but the say, building a part of who we are, good or bad? I think that part of the genius of Kevin Feige, that you are always thinking what the fans expect of this movie-and then he gives something to you that you could never even dream of.

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Scarlett Johansson he then went on and emphasized that, the legendary super-spy in a drama in the family, waiting is the thing less, by the audience that it took a bit to get used to the idea, from the beginning:

The idea of Natasha Romanoff in a drama in the family, waiting is the less thing of all, and I had to try, even I get used to the idea, because there is a change of tone is really important. I think that it was from the beginning, when we started to make this film stand alone, we have decided that there is no reason not to do this, if he dug in deep, and then had the courage to go further in unexplored places. I wanted to be sure it would be rewarding, artistically and creatively for me and the fans.

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