“Go for it”. Dew Flower between the sword and the wall. I survivors to the limit!


rocio flores and barranco

April 02, 2020
(14:55 CET)

One of the names of this edition of ‘Survivors’ is still Dew Flowers. The daughter of Antonio David has already had several discussions with some of his comrades in the islands of the Cayos Cochinos. It seems that only Ana Maria Aldón is on your side in the most difficult moments of the Flowers.

dew flowersIn the past, the ‘Land of nobody’ a turbulent face-to-face with Yiya sparked the controversybut Dew had already been burned by another of its main fronts in the contest. Jose Antonio Aviles, a young collaborator of ‘Living the Life’, has already had some troubles several days ago with the madrid. A few rifirrafes that have ended up leading to criticism from the father of Dew. Antonio David, from your sofa in the studios of Mediaset does not have hairs on the tongue and no cuts to say what you really think about Avilés.

“To me personally José Antonio what causes me is a rejection”, will espetaba the partner of Save me the anchorman of Telecinco, Jorge Javier Vazquez, in full gala. The reason? His eagerness newspaper. Iota of grace makes it to Antonio David Aviles is a journalist. Believe that you can use to Spray in order to get exclusive information and then use it to your advantage. “I know that Jose Antonio comes to use that friendship to refer you to what he is looking for, which is to have information and to ensure that Dew may have something that he as a professional would be interested”said an annoyed Antonio David.

Avilés, j. J. and GRINDR

As it featured just a few days ago at the gala of SV 2020 Jorge Javier Vázquez, the presenter and Avilés have never been seen in person. However, as an anecdote, JJ admitted that it gave match in the date app of GRINDR. “We were only 9 meters. José Antonio died of shame”, came to say that the driver of ‘Survivors’, that sooner or later you will find yourself finally with Aviles.