Husband of Barbara de Regil mocks her on Instagram


New account Barbara de Regil it has become teased videos fitness that he shares with his followers through his account of Instagrambut on this occasion has been her husband Fernando Schoenwald those who criticize it through a story that you shared on this platform.

In addition to being the protagonist of the adaptation of a mexican TV Azteca made from the popular colombian Rosary Scissorsit is well known that Barbara de Regil has managed to become a celebrity fitness most influential of all the social networks.

But despite the fact that his popularity has made him surpass the 6.1 million followers on Instagram, Barbara de Regil has also had to face the criticism of their haters, who constantly makes you a target for mockery and memes that them spread all over the Internet.

Husband of Barbara de Regil is a mockery of her on Instagram.

Barbara de Regil receives ridicule from her husband

Unfortunately today has not been the exception, because of the social networks is circulating a picture where Barbara de Regil is again ignored by life fitness, this photograph was taken from one of the stories that her husband Fernando Schoenwald shared from your account of Instagram.

Husband of Barbara de Regil is a mockery of her on Instagram.

In the image we can see Barbara de Regil exercise from the inside of your home in a tiny, short, purple, exposing their shapely legs, but what is surprising is that her husband accompanied the photograph with a text that claimed that the actress was asleep as well, doing allusion to the position in which he found himself.

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Husband of Barbara de Regil is a mockery of her on Instagram.

Quickly the image went viral, but there is nothing to worry about because Barbara de Regil has shown in their social networks that carries an excellent relationship with Fernando Schoenwald, who married the legal way from almost three years ago, and this could be a little joke between the two.

Photos: Instagram @barbaraderegil and @ferschoenwald