I Selfie with pump!!! Danna Paola (Elite) takes it and looks it. It will blow your mind away!

April 02, 2020
(14:11 CET)

If there are two actresses that the series Elite has changed their lives are not other to Danna Paola and Esther Expósito. And it is that, while it is true that the two are very young and just starting their career in the world of interpretation, the figures that build up in the social networks are a scandal.

The Spanish account with no less than 15 million followers just in Instagramwhile the mexican goes and reaches up to 20 million. Figures that many of the celebrities with the biggest impact on our country as Paula Echevarría or Cristina Pedroche dream.


The photo of Danna Paola

With 24 years Danna has seen his name has become one of the most sought after in the networks in Spain and that has also helped to take off as a singer.

A Paola that is very conscious of what, in certain moments, the will more that good to put your social networks upside-down with a little of scandal. In this case, it is not a dress but that is a selfie wearing a bikini that has left many of his followers with the mouth open.

Danna Paola

A selfie in which the mexican actress and singer, boasts of “tipazo”. Removes her clothes and teaches a figure that, for many of their most faithful fans, is “spectacular”. In fact, casting an eye to the feedback that has generated the photo in question can be perfectly appreciated how much that love between his community of followers this type of perching

“If it is not can be more beautiful”, “Bestial”, “This woman is a goddess”, “you’re great”, “I love it because it is not in bones, but who has a body very normal…and that is perfect because many young people continue to” or “The best of all Elite” these are just some of them.

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