In what movie or show to Phase 4 in the MCU, Nick Fury could look like?


The penultimate time that we have seen Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) was at the funeral Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr). Not so pleasant to tell of the events to the truth, even if he sanctioned, at the end of theInfinity Saga and brought in the same turf, and the same pain in almost all of the protagonists in the MCU.

Then Spider-Man: Far From Home, to the side of Mysterio and Spideyeven if we discover at the end that it is not in reality Nick Fury but Talos. The real Fury is not on a mysterious space station in the hands of the stage of completion, to know why, and in what degree of latitude and exact of the universe. In view of the presence of the Skrull, it can in the laboratory Mar-Vell in the expansion, maybe as a future base of operations for a new Agency similar SHIELD but beyond the borders of the country and call SWORDbut this we will only be in Phase 4 – at least we hope.

Just in relation to this, and a safe return of Nick Fury in one of the announced movies or shows Disney+ in the development of in-house Marvel Studioswe want to try to speculate a little bit about the uncertainty that revolves around the character, trying to understand where it us, and, of course, because you are right there. A lack of multiple titles, because they are unlikely, such as, for example, The Eternal, Shang-Chi or Loki. For the others follow a little further down.


It is quite obvious. Nick Fury was a presence in the major work on the sources of Russian spy Natasha Romanoffand only in the movie, after his return to the homeland, and reckoning with his past, with the legendary The Red Roomthe lack of Fury would listen. Even just in a cameo. Apart from hawkeye, the design of the project, Avengers he is the only one that is really good to clear the history Natand maybe in a couple of flashbacks could be back in the scene, maybe in a sequence, with their first meeting. Whereas Black want Widow with Scarlett Johansson, not to fill some of the gaps in the storyline of the protagonist, we see really difficult, a return of Fury is already in the precursor Phase 4, even if it is in reality in what is, in every respect a prequel to Avengers: Infinity Was.


Curious, Doctor Strange and Nick Fury still not an exact and mutual introduction to the economic fiction of the MCU have had. In essence, know who you are but you don’t know. And, together, have the scene to the funeral of Tony, at a respectful distance. Things could change Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessmaybe Fury wants to know survivors immediately for the super-hero-and-paste again, in order to prevent or, if necessary, an additional major threat in the future. Another possibility, and see him through the Multiversethis time, it appears in all its glory, without the are only mentioned. The title says. We hope that the hook is not around the corner.


We said little about it: in the post-credit of Far From Home, Fury was within this seemed to be in fact the operational base will be SWORD in the construction. For those who don’t know the abbreviation S. W. O. R. D. is Sentient World Observation and Response Departmentand not only is the larger counterpart of the SHIELD operational in the room. This means that, in truth, Nick Fury, Peter Parker never had, and the third Chapter of his adventures in the MCU, could a good way to getting to know you. Maybe in the hunt against Kraven.


Yes, it is not yet officially announced, but it is as good as safe. And Yes, it is part of Phase 4, also because the Marvel it has to advance the processing of films from the later stages. In any case: SWORD, a Skrull, the old 90s, paired buddy-cop. Nick Fury is now inossidabilmente character Carol Danvers bound, and now also acts in the space even more. A return should be mandatory, even if not, we still have no news about the film. It would be a good way for we bring them together on the big screen.


First show Disney+ associated with the heritage of the shield of Captain America. According to a recent rumor seems to be that the series may discover a soldier thoroughly the program of the Super and that the character of Carl Lumbly should be, as Isaiah Bradley aka the Black Captain America. In view of the involvement in SHIELD, Nick Fury and his possible information about the serum of the Super Soldierincluding the fact that you have to create might Howard Starkwe have not difficult to imagine, in a small cameo of Samuel L. Jackson in the role of Fury. And you?

Wanda vision

Nick Fury, it’s apparently nothing to do with the series is more ambitious against Marvel Disney arrive+, but in the unusual and sought-after storyline of the project it is the SWORD, and already grown up, Monica Rambeau as an operative of the new organization. And it seems that SWORD play a much more important role than expected, just as in Wanda vision the space station should their first appearance for the whole. Clearly, it can all be a trip created by powers Wanda Maximoff, in regard to the nature of the showwant , mixed with wit, fantasy and reality, but a place for Nick Fury, real or faux, that you can find for sure.

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