“It is with him and in bed.” Isabel Pantoja prefer not to know anything


April 02, 2020
(11:45 CET)

Isabel Pantoja is very concerned, as you have been told to Jorge Javier Vázquez by phone. The singer is in the Singer confined with his mother, Doña Ana. The matriarch is very in poor health after suffering a stroke last month, is also a person of high risk for being of advanced age. Do not let anyone else into their home and she has not come out since the 7th of march.

The renowned vocalist offered the house to his son Kiko Rivera and his wife, Irene Rosales, however, these preferred to stay with their daughters in their home for comfort and to be closer to the father of the partner of Living the life that is alone and very delicate health. On the other hand, Isa Pantoja is located further away, specifically in Cadiz.

The daughter of Isabel Pantoja live in the confinement with his son Alberto, but thanks to your posts on Instagram where he shows his day-to-day it has also been discovered that between those four walls is Asraf. The couple met in the GH VIP 6 and after the output of both of the reality have not been separated even for a moment, despite the fact that the young man is not well seen by the family Pantoja. For this reason it has generated a enmity.

Asraf Beno is doing his day-to-day more bearable. You give a lot of love and also share a great passion: sport. In videos posted through Stories, Isa has taught me how to train daily with your guy. It’s about simple tables of cardio exercises that both young men are kept in shape, to escape a little and, in addition, it spend a great. In the room have created a small gym and published by fun positions. Note that they are made for each other.

Isa Pantoja and Asraf do gymnastics

This happiness is not liking to Isabel Pantoja. Asraf Beno and Isa Pantoja could be the yes, I want the next year and who knows if you raise the family. The model loves Alberto, but also would like to have a child of your own.