“It is worse than Rosalie!” Make a mock of this famous for this look scandalous


April 02, 2020
(12:11 CET)

One of the options that are taking a lot during these days of confinement is the of, some and some more successful than others, choose to make a change of look. Especially as the styling is concerned.

There have been many celebrities who have shown in their social networks, their changes of hairstyle. One of them was, recently, Rosalia. Yes, the singer Catalan it seems that it has opted for be a fringe that, as expected, has not left indifferent anybody.

And it is that, while it is true that many of his followers have applauded this new look the Rosalia, there have been few that have pointed out that “it is fatal” and that “is horrible”.

Miley Cyrus returns to liarla

Yes, nothing compared to the one that has been involved in the social networks with the new hairstyle Miley Cyrus. And is that, as you well know their followers, the american singer has opted to begin a program of entertainment through Instagram for an hour daily from Monday to Friday.

A show that shares the time with other celebrities and where different topics are put on the table. And in one of his latest shows he appeared with a new look that has given rise to a whole arsenal of memes and jokes on the net.

Among other things because, as usual in the american singer, is not that many feel it has won. On the contrary. “My mother does but it is what it is?”, “You still fatal”, “If before it was horrible, now it is disastrous”, “This girl is, once again, losing the head…” or, recalling also the Spanish singer, there is someone who has wanted to leave clear that “It is worse than Rosalie!”.

A series of reviews that, as usual in Cyrusthe artist has chosen to give back and even laugh at herself through the social networks.