It size XXL! The dress of Georgina Rodriguez can’t handle that much (and this happens)


April 03, 2020
(13:01 CET)

There have been few followers of Georgina Rodriguez to have been a bit disappointed with the couple of Christian Ronaldo in the last few days. And it is that, while it is true that the of Jaca has shown their support on social networks to groups in the fight against the coronavirus, there are those who would have wished to have greater involvement.

At least that is what can be observed in some comments in the social networks. Others, however, who do not otherwise enter in them to criticize everyone for everything, have been many beyond and have spoken of Georgina as a person cynical and frivolous.

And more after its last publication. A publication that, to the surprise of many, it is not that I do not have anything to do with the fight against this virus that is causing so much pain, if not that is no more than a video in which we see Rodriguez moments before leaving the stage in the Festival of San Remo.

The video of Georgina Rodriguez

Images that the jacetana has decided to accompany the text “Dream Big (dream big). And of course, we have fallen sticks on all sides. There are not a few who believe that, with which it is falling, which for Georgina the most important thing is to dream big and that dream is not another thing that to go out to deliver a prize in a gala is, to many, a “lack of respect”.

But, comments of this style in the margin (which has been many), have been also several those who have chosen to ignore if it has been or not suitable, and are set in a detail, the less curious.

And is that, in a time of images, Rodriguez you have to cling to the dress. The neckline is so sharp and your curves it has so much volume that it seems that Georgina I feared neglect.

But if you have to go up and everything is so small that it goes”, “so Much size XXL just causing these things,” “A little more and it becomes viral” or “It is very beast of this woman” are some of them.