J Balvin showed their INTIMACY in a three-minute video But what boxer!


The singer J Balvin it is one of the great exponents of urban music, as his talent has conquered various music charts around the world, positioning itself as one of the top artists of the time.

Remember that J Balvin with the release of their album “Colors” coming right after J Balvin made history by becoming the urban artist with the highest number of themes, placing it in the position number 1 in the list of Latin Airplayafter her single “White” will jump to the first place this week.

Now the singer is enjoying his best moment within the music, but also of their leisure time and that is what has been shown recently in a video posted on its official account of Instagram, where the same has placed a description that says:

“3 minutes of my privacy and many colors @5thphvse what was your favorite part?”.

It seems that in the video you collected the more intimate moments of the singer, as you can see in various scenes in which it is going great, since that has also been characterized by his charisma and good humor.

The video has been liked to many of his followers, for until the moment almost manages to reach the two million reproductions and is not for less as a part of the clip you can see J Balvin in a tiny boxer shorts black.

J Balvin crying in a video

Not long ago J Balvin caused a great uproar among his followers for Instagram when you publish a video in which you can observe by reguetonero be on the verge of tears for a simple reason, that seems to have affected him greatly.

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It turns out that J Balvin shared a video in which he looks on the verge of tears because he discovers that he has a mustache, a video that managed to cause a great scandal among his followers who have claimed to reguetonero by alarming them falsely, as this video is one of the classic interpretations made on the platform of Tik Tok, where the reguetonero mimics a scene in which a child discovers that he has a mustache and that for this reason will be mocked.