Jackal surprised their fans with the premiere of “The most wanted”


The cuban singer of urban music Ramon Lavado, better known as Jackal, has surprised its fans with the launch of a new music project.

The popular artist has released through its official YouTube channel the simple The most wanted, which has come from the hand of a video clip that has been played by the own interpreter.

The audio-visual material, directed by Pepe Salom, it operates primarily in a recording studio in the city of Miami (Florida), the same that gave life to the song. Is primarily composed of images in which we can see Jackal, without a shirt on, playing the theme with the safety that is so characterized.

Even though the feedback option was turned off in the release of the video on YouTube, the love and the reactions on the part of the followers of Jackal have not been slow to appear on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

In the last post uploaded to your profile of this latest social network that shows a snippet of the video clip, you can read some comments of her admirers, among which highlights some as:

“Without a doubt the best and the one that hurts, that hurts”, “Now that the reventaste my brother, now you put the cap on the brass, once in a while to remember who is the Devil of fame”, “This make you feel”, “What kind of topic, well I like”, “This is pure fire, came the king of all chickens”, “With this letter kept quiet a few, to learn who’s the boss” or “I am totally into you, you and your song”, just to mention a few.

From the beginning of 2020, Jackal has been focused more than ever on her music career and has been giving away to their listeners with new songs.

One of their latest releases was the video clip of the topic Look forward to you, in which he collaborates with the also cuban singer of urban music Lenier Table.

This list will also be joining him The liar next to the reguetonero Enzo Melody Secret and the remix of The lie next to the puerto rican singer Divine and once again Lenier Table.

What of the last songs of the Jackal is your favorite?