Jennifer Lopez risks with this skirt too short (and see this) Watch the video!


April 02, 2020
(13:15 CET)

Fans of Jennifer Lopez they are desperate. Since the american singer performed in the rest of the SuperBowl have not been able to enjoy any of their dances. The who performed alongside Shakira it was the last performance of the diva Bronx.

It was the last February 2in the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, of which today marks two months. And it does not seem that JLo in the next few weeks go to give nothing more to his followers. And that is the pandemic of the coronavirus has confined in his house with Álex Rodríguez and some of their children.

Jennifer Lopez, disappeared

In fact, some of their followers secure networks which cannot be found either in New Yorkand that would have taken refuge in some of the mansions that you have in Miami and in Los Angeles.

But be that as it may, their fans are not left twiddling their thumbs. And to celebrate that you met two months from one of their performances with the most impact, have wanted to share some of the best videos of the artist. For example, have been recovered from the show below, and offered a performance mass in the middle of the street in New York. And you will leave with the mouth open.

The short skirt of Jennifer Lopez

In he appears JLo acting in the streets of the Big Applewearing a mini dress of bright spectacular. An outfit with a short skirt that rises too much in some moments of the performance, leaving the view a little more of the account and, above all, what in good shape that is, while the present and go nuts with the star Latin. And it seems that it will amount too teach something more than the account. On the contrary. Seems pleased while his fans go crazy with their presence. Attention because you won’t see anything like it.