Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin celebrate their wedding in September


Lack little to celebrate

his first anniversary married


Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

still have not celebrated with your loved ones this great event in their lives.

The couple gave the ‘yes I want’

in a civil register of New York city during the 2018,

in an intimate ceremony

but still have pending the party.

As revealed in People magazine, the great feast will occur in the month of September. ”

In may they took the decision to make the feast

that come planning from a long time ago, especially Hailey,” said a person close to the couple.

“They are trying to keep all the details in private, but the two seem very anxious for everything. Are very happy with the married life”, added this significant other. In an interview,

the bride-to-be had revealed some things we would like for the big day

. “I imagine lights hanging on all sides, and I think that I would like to be in a forest. My sister will be my maid of honor, and probably the little sister of Justin take the rings”.

The mental health of the singer

forced them to delay a little the celebration of love.

“Hailey continues to cheer for him, at some point, have a wedding, but it will be when they are ready”, he told someone close to the couple at the beginning of 2019. “The most important thing for them today is the health of Justin”.

The singer began to perform a treatment against depression in February. “I’m really struggling. Lately I feel super disconnected and weird. Whenever I recover, so I’m not worried, but I wanted to talk to you and ask you to pray for me. God is faithful and your prayers really work. Thank you”, publicly announced on their networks with an emotional posting.

Due to the depression, the Justin decided to stop for a time with his career. “I read many messages saying that they wanted a new album. I did a tour during my entire adolescence. And at the beginning of my decade of the 20’s, I realized -as you may have noticed in my last tour – that he was not happy,” he wrote in a sense of message. “I don’t deserve that and neither do you deserve it. If they pay money they should be able to enjoy a concert of lively, energetic and fun. And I was not emotionally able to give them that at the end of the tour. I’ve been looking for, trying to trial and error, as the majority does. Now I am focused on my recovery and solve some of my problems more deep-rooted, like many of you, to not fall apart”.

“Every day that passes I fall in love with more of you. Sos the best thing that has happened to me in life, I would be lost without you,” he wrote a few days ago in her account of Instagram in anticipation of the great feast that will follow in the upcoming weeks.