Kendall Jenner taught this in the WC and is recorded on video!


Kendall Jenner | EFE

April 02, 2020
(12:26 CET)

As you well know, the followers of the clan Kardashianeach of the sisters is taking the quarantine to the your way. And a good reflection of them are their social networks. A few social networks that, as happens also in real life and, how no, in your reality Keeping Up With The Kardashianseach of them shows a completely different character.

In the case of Kendall Jenner, there are not a few who claim to already from years ago “is the Kardashian less Kardashian”. They do not lack reason. While it is true that the model shares this taste for the selfies, for his constant attention to her image and be a star in the networks, Jenner it is very far from wanting to live only of their networks and of their ‘role’ in the reality show.

Kendall was very clear since I was barely a teenager his goal was to become one of the main models at the international level. While it is true that his surname helped him, he has worked very hard to achieve it.

The video of Kendall Jenner

In addition, unlike the rest of his four sisters, Kendall opted to modify (both) your body. A different character to the rest that we can also observe in his publications in social networks.

And one of the latest is a clear example of this. A picture in which we see the model with a mask applied on your face and that Kendall, which has a peculiar sense of humor, makes a first-ever blueprint for how your breath moves the paper that is just below the holes of your nose.

A video at the sink, since then, none of his sister I dare to hang in the WC. Among other things because it is neither sensual, nor sexy, nor much less flattering. But that difference, that naturalness and that to be above criticism is what has made Jenner a celebrity different, every time more, many distinguish themselves from the rest of the ‘klan’.