¡Kim Kardashian rips with this photo! Opens jacket, takes not and you will see!


April 02, 2020
(13:14 CET)

Social networks have become these days (and weeks) of quarantine at a shelter to many, and many. Especially for those who are up-to-date with everything that surrounds one of the clans of celebrities most prominent of the moment: the Kardashian.

And is that there has not been another that the more media of all (eye because Kylie Jenner is on the prowl), Kimthe one that has decided to share with her followers an image in which are displayed four of the five sisters: the own Kim, Kylie, Kourtney and Khloé.

A photo that, as expected, has left behind many likes and many comments to your step. Among other things because, as usual ever shown a photo in which the sisters are together (so only need to Kendall that, as always, seems to be “your ball” as mentioned by his followers), his followers go nuts.

The outfit of Kourtney Kardashian

The case is that, while it is true that some of the comments have served how critical to Kim by being just as cynical in these times when “there are people dying”, many of them have gone that high and have focused on their outfits.

And in this sense, it seems that the more comments it has generated has not been Kimbut her older sister Kourtney. Something that, sure, is not that it has done no grace to the woman of Kanye West.

But of course, being a outfit in which the greatest of the ‘klan’ makes it very clear that you don’t wear anything under the jacket, it was more than difficult for the eclipsaran. From there you can now read comments in social networks such as “What a beast”, “my Mother Kourtney”, “Awesome”, “Sure Kim will die of envy” or “Ole you Kourtney” as they fly through the networks along with an image that, from then, you’ll sure to continue giving a lot to talk about.