Kim Kardashian runs for the sofa in leggings and a mini top, very clingy, and this happens!


Kim Kardashian takes many years to be one of the leading celebrities worldwide. While it is true that already before the emergence of social networks Kim it was a star thanks to the reality Keeping Up With The Kardashians with the arrival of Instagram fame has skyrocketed.

Some networks in which Kim is often followed with the same pattern continues in the reality show and in their day-to-day. And that is not other than to be always very sexy and by making it evident how much she likes your curves.

This has helped to continue to grow at the media level and to be, next to his little sister Kylie the main source of income of the family. And of course, as is usual with this type of stars, are many of their followers who have chosen to open parallel accounts in social networking sites dedicated to it.

The photo of Kim Kardashian

And has appeared in a photo in one of them that has left many with his mouth open. Among other things because the image is such that, at the very least, can be categorized as peculiar.


A publication shared kkw fanpage (@kiimkardashian) the

And is that in it we see Kim running above one of the many couches you have in your mansion. We do not know if it is the fact of being in quarantine has caused Kardashian to invent new ways of exercising or is it something you usually do eventually beyond the enclosure.

What we do know is that the outfit that looks Kim in the photo has generated a lot of comments. And is that the top that takes is so clingy that it leaves very very little to the imagination.

There have appeared many comments in this regard. Comments such as “What a beast”, “Brutal”, “Kim Kardashian lives in another world…running down over the sofa and with a little bestial”, “How great is this woman,” “I’m here at home doing squats and these running over your furniture…is the queen” already flying through the social networks.