Lara Alvarez puts this ¡bikini with fringe! and he teaches this in Survivors


April 02, 2020
(13:24 CET)

Unlike many other celebrities Spanish, it seems that Lara Álvarez has decided to make a stop in your activity on the social networks. If Cristina Pedroche, Paula Echevarria or Pillar Rubio are going through these days of quarantine, by publishing regularly in their networks, the host of Survivors has opted for the opposite.

In this regard, his followers shuffled two theories. The first is that, taking into account that Lara is located in Honduras on a paradise-like environment working on the contest, if you begin to upload content, showing off their famous bikinis and with that would argue that has always characterised it, sure many will take at face that, with which it is falling in Spain with the coronavirus, had no more eye and would continue to publish its usual resting.

On the other hand, there are also many that are seeking a second theory that is complemented, in fact, with the first one. And that is not other than the fact that Alvarez you have chosen to take a break from the networks taking advantage of the coronavirus to, step, let go of the mess that has formed in the network when, in an oversight in a direct, pointed out that “the people is delayed.”

The bikini fringe of Lara Álvarez

A phrase that, as you well know its haters (that is the recurdan each day) is not going to be exactly easy to forget. Perhaps for this reason, for the desire I have of seeing those “great photos” of Lara, their followers yes to continue uploading content in the dedicated accounts of her on Instagram.

And one of their latest photos has left many with his mouth open. Among other things, because in it we see Lara posing in a bikini for a fringed one that has generated many comments on social networks. Almost all, yes, demonstrating the desire I have to see her again as well.

What do you gain from all of this to pass and Lara re-publish”, “I miss your perched Lara” or “This woman is a goddess” are some of them.