Leaked photos of Yalitza Aparicio kissing with a young man (+PHOTOS)


The mexican known for starring in the multi-award winning film ‘Roma’, caused a stir at the filtered images where he looks in so romantic a young man.

In an interview for the magazine TV Notesa source close to Yalitza Apariciorevealed details on the alleged secret relationship this takes you from a while ago, with a dental student named André, source oaxacan like the actress.

According to the close friend of Aparicio, the reason why they kept their courtship a secret, due to his busy schedule and the team working very strict that does not allow you to maintain a relationship.


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The couple has a month of relationship and although not seen often stay connected by networks. Apparently the images of them leaked, because the young woman published in their statements of Whatsapp, explained the source.

The friend Yelitza said, “Getting to know the people you are working Yalitza, now that you see the photos published, I hope that will not tell you that you are finished with the relationship, or who denies that all in the media, although it is very obvious in his courtship; but if Yalitza it does, what a bad wave, because the guy is truly in love with her.”

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