Leoni Torres sends a message to the physicians of Cuba and the world who are struggling against the coronavirus

The popular cuban singer Leoni Torres it has been added to the list of artists on the island that have taken the time to send a message of thanks and support to all health workers in the world for the hard work they face every day due to the crisis coronavirus.

The interpreter Leave the sadness he shared some words via a video that went up to the stories section of its official account of Instagram which gives the thanks to the doctors from Cuba and the world, since for him they are “the true heroes of this story.”

“I want to take this time to thank the real heroes of this story, the cuban doctors and doctors from all over the world who have dedicated all these days to save lives, even risking his own. My applause to these doctors, for all doctors of the world and my great appreciation for all,” said the singer with applause included.

In addition to Leoni Torres, other artists from the island have also taken the initiative and have felt the need to publicly recognize the work of the workers of the health sector in these days that will leave the skin care, and fight against the coronavirus. Some through art, others with words, but the message of appreciation has been felt thanks to the power of communication that have social networks.

One of the first to recognize to his followers the effort of the health was the humorist Ulises Toirac, who thanked his profile of Facebook to the medical staff that is fighting the pandemic throughout the world.

“To all the doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers and staff of support of health of Spain, of the whole world, and with special love to those of Cuba, my applause and my gratitude,” were some of their words.

The actor, presenter and comedian Alexis Valdés, he used his muses to create and dedicate a beautiful poem to the “heroes in white coats”.

“To those that overcome the fear that devours hope. The arriving waste at the door of his house. These women and men, the souls of the hospitals, it is the play on your name and the name of all mortals”, is one of the stanzas that form a poem.

The grouping of urban music People of the Area, composed by Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom, has also joined this chain of awards, and published an emotional video which included images of some of the countries affected by the COVID -19 you can see the doctors attending to patients affected.

Finally, a group of singers from the city of Holguin joined together to launch an emotional song by a coronavirus called The face of my people, creating through their voices in a hymn of unity in the midst of the crisis by the pandemic.

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