Let’s screams! Kendall Jenner fights in a luxury mansion


April 03, 2020
(13:32 CET)

There are not a few who, especially in recent years, are very aware of everything that happens in the ‘universe Kardashian’. And that is if there is a clan that has been able to turn themselves already make your life and your image of a true empire that is the sisters Kardashian.

Each and every one of them are stars on social networks. Yes, as you well know, in the ‘klan’, the most successful are Kim and Kylie. Among other things because the two have wagered an obvious way for the business related to his image.

Something that, on the contrary, the other three sisters, Kourtney, Khloé and Kendall seen from the distance. In fact, Kendall it is a model and has her life now more than a monad at the margin of the reality and of the family business.

The fight of the Kardashian

And it is precisely this different style of life, which has led to that, as you well know, the followers of the reality show, more of a fight. A fight that, in this case, it began in an indirect way Kendall.

As we can see in the video, the fact that Kendall not to go to one of the events scheduled for Kim and Khlóe to promote their products ended up in a fight in the mansion Khloé with scratches and blood included between Kourtney and Kim.

She was the wife of Kanye West which she accused her older sister, Kourtneynot always be predisposed to be in all the promotional events. And Kourtneythat already makes time that has expressed his willingness to appear in the reality show, took more than evil, while Kendall, the one that started the whole mess, you look at everything from the bed.

A scene of those that make this reality so peculiar not do anything other than win every day that passes more and more followers. For much more of one to talk about “problems of girls rich” what is certain is that this type of shows, like more or less, already part of the history of television.