Maluma and Belinda sing a duet in networks unleashing the madness


Maluma and Belinda unleashed the madness on social networks because they decided to sing a capella for their millions of fans, who were with the open mouth by the tremendous song that made the duet.

It turns out that the artists took advantage of the quarantine to do a in vivo by means of Instagram, which caused excitement among the internet users, but Maluma told Belinda that interpret the song of Alejandro Fernandez and Christina Aguilera, Today I feel like itperforming a live concert.

But that was not all as surfers took advantage of the moment to enquire whether in truth or were a couple in the past so much was said some years ago about two guys and a of course romance but in the end none of the two touched the topic.

“Jaaa…when it was rumored affair, she denied it, said he did not know”, “Too good is to Live it confirmed many assumptions that were made some years ago. I rejoiced the day”, wrote the internauts.

Let us remember that both artists seem to remain single for a long time, as Maluma apparently yes ended with Natalia Barulich, with whom he had been very much in love, whilst Belinda is supposedly itself was bride of Lupillo Rivera, although the romance lasted them very little.

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