Maluma encourages the quarantine with the video clip of “What chimba”


The music continues playing! Even though the world has been arrested by the pandemic, the quarantine time is serving to many artists to devote time to the creation and launch of new jobs with which to brighten up these days of confinement to his followers. And with this motivation, Maluma it has been released this Thursday, the video clip corresponding to the topic What Chimba, which premiered a few weeks ago.

The audiovisual is composed by images that were recorded with a mobile phone during their european tour 11:11, which was directly affected by the health crisis of the coronavirus and was suspended. In addition, it has been led by the Pretty Boy and your photographer Tes.

The theme is loaded with danceable rhythms and reflects the mood more cheerful Maluma for these days of confinement. In fact, there are many users who have already been encouraged to share their dances to the rhythm of the song under the hashtag #QueChimbaQuedarseEnCasa, a challenge with which the colombian intends to do more entertaining in quarantine.

While the interpreter Happy the four continues delivered to the creation of new music, is also heavily involved with his foundation The Art of Dreams, which is helping to alleviate the effects of the pandemic of the coronavirus in his native Colombia. Through the organization, the singer has made delivery of medical equipment and medical supplies to some hospitals in his native country.

The singer is passing the quarantine at her home in Medellin, where in addition to raise awareness about the importance of not going out to the street, is doing more entertaining, the confinement to his followers with the content you share on your social networks, where it is still very active during these last few days.

In addition to presenting to the company is going these days at home, the artist has delighted their fans with some dances, of course, to the rhythm of his latest release, What Chimba.

And also some abdominal exercises with the shows that is still caring for her figure as always.