Marathon of ‘Twilight’ at Paramount Network to pass the coronavirus


If anything, you can save your confinement in addition to catch the coronavirus, is that you bite a vampire, if you don’t invite them explicitly to your house, of course, as we are going to do with Edward and the Cullen in the marathon of ‘Twilight’ that prepares Paramount Network.

With this closure comes on the Saturday and there is no option or go for a walk, that’s why the plans will have to ride home and Saturday, April 4, you have a quote from 17.45 with the first three installments of the saga and adolescent phenomenon starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. The marathon starts with ‘Twilight’, the first adaptation of the novel by Stephenie Meyer that was released in 2005. The film was a smash hit box office and she attended the first meeting and the beginning of the great love story between the human Bella and the vampire Edward.


After 20.00 comes the turn of ‘new Moon’, the second of the saga, in which Edward decides to leave Forks to protect Bella while she only finds solace in his friend, werewolf, Jacob Black, a member of the mysterious tribe quileute. The vampires leave site to the wolf-men who charge more prominence while new dangers are still lurking. This film premiered in theaters in 2009, and this time directed by Chris Weitz, occupying the chair of direction that left Catherine Hardwicke.

The end of the party

To close the night, at 22:15, begins the issue of ‘Eclipse’, the third installment, which again reached world records. This time Bella will have to decide definitely between Edward and Jacob while Seattle looks devastated by a series of mysterious murders that do nothing more than grow. At the same time, an old enemy of the Cullen has decided to create an army of vampires neophytes. Humans, vampires and werewolves unite to kill a common threat and curb the thirst of blood.

Remember, Saturday, 4 April from 17.45 marathon of ‘Twilight’ at Paramount Network, you can also comment on it on social networks with the hashtag #CrepúsculoPN.