Martha Higareda succumbs to the figure of Alexa Dellanos on the beach


Martha Higareda decided to isolate themselves in their home of New York to prevent the spread of the coronavirusbut before he left a journal in which you will see very sensual.

Next to a swimming pool, Martha Higareda he posed with the smile that characterizes it and a bathing suit black one-piece made to show off her silhouette.

Despite the fact that the actress has received a number of compliments for its beauty in bathing suit, was overshadowed by the figure that bragged about the model Alexa Dellanos from the beach.

Martha it was highly praised by his statuesque figure, and his fans reminded him that his smile and the beautiful face that you can conquer anyone.

The actress added in the description of the image that the photograph dates from the last time that he was ‘socialising’ prior to undergo quarantine.

After explaining that he will be in New York, Higareda it stressed that it had plans to cook, to meditate, to write, to read, as well as learning to play an instrument.

Martha Higareda also questioned his followers about the measures that each one of them is taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

For its part, Alexa Dellanos proved to be in the calm, enjoying the beach with a photo on the left to see their attributes wrapped in a tiny bathing suit.

The prominent curves of the model have been made to succumb to other famous and now it was the turn of Martha Higaredawho could not compete with the silhouette of Alexa.

As is his custom, Dellanos consented to his followers on Instagram with a snapshot in which you look at sitting under a palapa near the sea.

With a hat, sunglasses and shoulder-reloaded back, Alexa Dellanos let her see your tiny waist and your curves in a black attire.

Recently, Alexa revealed that the big secret in order to preserve a figure like she is veganism.

With another image in which he is seen next to a table with her breakfast, Alexa Dellanos it showed proud to bring over five years of being vegan, and he stressed that it is one of the habits that make you feel safe and happy with your body.

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