Often a change of look. Or Rafa Mora (and has not done anything Kiko Matamoros)


rafa mora hair

April 02, 2020
(15:05 CET)

The boredom of the quarantine is causing havoc for many famous. The heaviness of the days that pass more slowly than ever, is such that many of the stars take advantage of their idle hours at home to change your look. It is the case of Alex Good, one of the contestants star of ‘The Island of the Temptations’.

The former of Fiama has not hesitated in making a radical change in your hairstyle. But not in shape… do Not think that has been shaved to zero as many many other famous, does not. Well has caught the pot of paint and has dyed. But… what color?, you might be wondering. Because it is difficult to define, the truth. It is a mix between orange and red, surely a combination of several shades, that has ended up leading to one of the looks most radical of recent times.

A new Alex Goodwithout a doubt, that has not left indifferent anybody. In fact, many of his followers have left a comment on the post on Instagram where he uploaded a picture looking in the mirror with his new hair dye surprised to see a rara avis they didn’t know. “It is difficult to say what colour it is eh… red, yellow, mandarin, Spanish… you’RE CRAZY”, he wrote his comrade of The Island Gonzalo Montoya.

alex good change of lookThe toupee must not fail

The hair color seems to give the same to Alex. For him, as well is moreno, naranjito, such as mandarin, as even rubio. What it matters to him really is, and not fall off the hair (of course), your voluptuousness. The toupee is an essential element to the hairstyle of the former contestant of The Island Of Temptations, it seems that quarantine is boring a lot, and as you can guess in the photo caption. “Day 1353283829 quarantine”.