Oh Alexa Dellanos defies Instagram! Look at the transparent neckline with nothing down that raised the temperature in the quarantine (Photos)


Alexa Dellanos was módosítás for a while, but now that the world is in quarantine erotic young 26-year-old decided to post a few photos of heart attack that raised the temperature in the social networks.

Drafting MiamiDiario

The voluptuous daughter the journalist, cuban-american, Myrka Dellanosnot wanted to stay behind to show their burning attributes to their followers, while giving recommendations to avoid catching with the dangerous Covid-19.

And in that way motivate his followers to stay home while enjoy the hot figure of the young instagramer that has more than 2 million followers.

And between stories and recommendations as the social isolation, or to use masks in your account in Instagram, the blonde shows in each image that accompanies their suggestion that it is a mommy that is divine.

In the most recent video he posted on instagram his followers were able to enjoy her statuesque body dressed in a provocative top white semitrasparente that left her perfect shoulders bare.

The garment also left the uncovered part of her breasts, which implied that not he was wearing underwear.

Below we leave you a series of photos where you can see enjoy the dangerous curves and the necklines of a heart attack of this girl

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