Oh scandal! J Balvin on the verge of tears for a reason that you’re not going to believe


J Balvin caused a great stir among his followers Instagram when you publish a video in which we can observe the reguetonero be on the verge of tears for a simple reason, that seems to have affected him greatly.

Just as well as you read, J Balvin he shared a video in the that he is on the verge of tears because you discover that you have don a moustache!. A video that managed to cause a great scandal among his followers who have claimed to reguetonero by alarming them falsely.

Since this video is one of the classic interpretations made on the platform of Tik Tok, where the reguetonero mimics a scene in which a child discovers that he has a mustache and that for this reason will be mocked.

J Balvin on the verge of tears

This video that at first (before playing) cause a great impact to see J Balvin on the verge of tears, has generated over 2.3 million views, 600 thousand likes and thousands of comments by their followers on Instagram.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first video that the reguetonero done by the famous platform of Tik Tok, since previously we have seen to interpret the scenes more comical they have brought out the best laughter of their followers.

J Balvin in Tik Tok

And this time was no exception as this fun video has become the new favorite of J Balvin, who apparently has become an expert in Tik Tok. One of the most popular platforms today.

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Recall that J Balvin is also one of the reggaeton most successful of today has managed to be placed as one of the artists with the most popularity on social networks, both in Tik Tok like in Instagram where it exceeds the 37.9 million followers.