On the fourth anniversary of his arrest, Anuel AA launches the song “April 3,” that tells the story of his life


Consolidated as one of the artists most popular and controversial genre, urban, Anuel AA is living a great moment in his artistic career, having reached to the top with topics such as China or I likenext to Shakira. But despite seeing how his music is heard in all corners of the planet, the singer does not forget its origins and everything that has lived up to touch the success with your fingers.

The puerto rican has never not used her tough past and your step-by-jail interviews or in the same social networks, where you have made reference on several occasions to this hard chapter of your life. However, it has now decided to go one step further and share the story of your life through the language of music with an autobiographical song in which tells of his mistakes and ups and downs to its current success.

The song titled April 3, he has written himself and recorded in his home, as he explained to his followers on Instagram, and has been published on the fourth anniversary of his arrest in Santurce (Puerto Rico).

In the letter of this deep topic, the boyfriend of Karol G reveals different episodes of his life unknown until now, as the economic situation, and family that motivated her to enter the world of crime, or as the number of days before being arrested and we wanted to kidnap.

But life takes many turns, and after spending 30 months in prison, the singer was released on July 17, 2018 and on the same day he published his album Real To the Death. The same that lifted him up and consolidated itself as one of the artists of the time. And at the end of the letter, how well that is going now in spite of everything that has had happen.

“I go up but never under, there is no law of attraction. I go up to the 36th floor in the Aventador. So a millionaire that until the car has elevator,” she sings in the last verses of the issue, whose cover is a drawing of the image that caught him as he entered prison.

This is the second premiere musical Anuel AA this week of quarantine. The Thursday came out his new collaboration with his bride Karol G, a topic that is far from the lyric and tone April 3,.

The new song of the ‘bebesitos’ is called Follow and was accompanied by a video clip that they recorded themselves in their Miami home during these days of confinement. In little more than 24 hours, the audiovisual sum more than 7 million views on Youtube.