¡Outraged! Rita Ora rejects that the age is taken as an element of discrimination in Hollywood


In a recent interview with the portal NME, Rita Ora he spoke about how important it is to eradicate the ‘habit’ of asking women their age.

The singer ancestry kosovo is secure that is a very irrelevant when you are looking to hire someone for their talent.

For your consideration, Rita do not agree that this is a decisive feature to catalog to anyone, much less to females.

“The problem is that the insecurity you applied through comments that you read over the years. You start to think: ‘I’m Not as young as it used to be. I’m not the new girl on the scene that I once was’,” said the british artist.

With a hint of indignation, she added: “I can say with pride, ‘Yes, use my appearance because I feel very comfortable with my skin and I like my body’, but that gives people the opportunity to say: ‘Oh, good, you’re doing more’”.

The the interpreter of “Ritual” even talking about his colleagues: “I Defend these girls because age really doesn’t matter (…) JLo had her first success at the age of thirty”. Wow!

For Rita Ora, what is worth it is always the intention and the desire to do things, but could not avoid to comment so succinct observation that “men do not ask them how old they are”.