Pablo Motos hallucinates in The Anthill. Dares and challenges


April 02, 2020
(12:00 CET)

The Ant has managed to adapt to the new times. The coronavirus has affected all television programs. The space of Antena 3 rested for a week and came back with another style. A roundtable discussion with some of the contributors to the more mythical, small games, and as always with guests from height, although on this occasion from their houses with a video call. This change has not undermined; quite the contrary. The space has not decreased in these two weeks of the three-million viewers. And is that difficult times the entertainment is always welcome.

Last Wednesday the program was awarded to Rosalia, one of the more visits expected. The successful singer was living in quarantine in Miami away from his family. The artist has surprised the presenter and all of his followers to show a new look.

Rosalia bangs

“In this limited situation has given me the scissors and I cut my hair. My sister said to me: ‘do not cut hair’ but I’ve released”, he confessed the artist to explain his radical change of appearance. The presenter joked: “It has gone well. People shave, thinking that it’s going to be the bald pate of Bruce Willis and then they have the head like him.”

Not only showed the fringe, but also reduced the length of their nails. From a size XXL to a size long. For work reasons the young man was found on the floor of their manager, in Miami. “Take January that I came to the Grammy I’ve been here. There is a room to make music and here I am making songs. I stay with the family away, the situation has taken you by surprise. I speak with them, we miss them very much but I know that you are well”, explained.

Even though she already takes weeks locked up, Miami should be up to may. Now that you can’t get out to the street, is “learning to cook, make brownies, and to do touch football.In the morning I wake up and I do my singing exercises and then I get to make brownies. Then I get out and do a few finishing touches”.

The artist has just made public their new song “Hurt me”. A single that has been done in record time. “I started it two months ago, but there was only a start of the song. The I ended up writing during the quarantine.” To launch it, you did not follow any plan. “I finished it before I could and pulled out”.

The singer tries not to be affected by this situation even though it is seen in any of his letters. To dismiss the conversation Pablo Motos repeated to him that I was very pretty with the bangs that she cut herself and both promised that when Rosalie returned to the film set of The Ant to cut the hair of the Paul live. We will have to see it.