Pelayo teaches you how to clean without losing the glamour and Rita Ora how you should stretch


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More than twenty days at home have given us the opportunity, for example, to discover Cristina Pedroche doing sport, Demi Lovato posing like a real model, Roberto Leal making his first steps as a musician or Manu Tenorio celebrating his birthday. This Thursday, in a chapter of the ‘At home‘the stylist Pelayo Diaz we are going to teach you how to clean without ever losing the elegance and the ‘glamour’. Meanwhile, the singer Rita Ora, Rachel Perera, Pepe Reina and Christian Bull opt for helping us to stretch, while we remain confined in our home. Because the fact of being isolated and not being able to get out should not prevent us from being in shape. For its part, Mario Casas us makes its recommendations cinematographic and Noelia Lopez and John Legend give us a concert. I give the play and don’t miss out!