People of the Area sent an emotional message to all health workers to fight against the coronavirus


The grouping of cuban Gente de Zona he has joined the multitude of messages that have flooded the social networks in gratitude to all the medical personnel located in hospitals fighting in the front line of battle against the pandemic coronavirus.

To stop this, the duo formed by singers of the island Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcom he shared in their profiles, an emotional video that collects several images of some of the countries affected by the COVID -19 in which you can see doctors in full action working as well as some of the samples of love and support they have given the citizens in his honor.

In addition to the audiovisual, the reggaeton also wrote a note attached in which they give thanks and recognize the great effort and sacrifice you are making each day “the real heroes of this story.”

Similarly, the artists of the genre urban invited all his followers to remain in compliance with the health and safety measures relevant to keep the margin the coronavirus and to stay at home so as to avoid a saturation within the health sector.

“Thank you, the real heroes of this story. With the heart in our hands, infinitely grateful for their service, sacrifice and courage, we send you a lot of strength to all heroes of the world and to the people who are fighting for their lives in these moments. You fighting the daily battle, to you who risk their lives every minute that passes, you are helping to save lives. This message is for you oh let’s Stay home, my people, to help these heroes!”, can be read along the post.

In addition Gente de Zonaother artists on the island have been added and this nice initiative of appreciation to the health personnel from both Cuba and the rest of the world, who daily are exposed to the coronavirus trying to help and save the lives of the infected.

The actor Alexis Valdés has been one of them. The popular artist wrote a beautiful poem dedicated to, as he himself called them, the “heroes in white coats”.

“Heroes of the white gowns. To those who bet their lives saving the lives of others. To show the smiles bringing the broken heart”, were some of their stanzas.

The comedian Ulises Toirac was another who also dedicated a few words the health workers in the who applauded his great effort and courage in these times of crisis for the COVID – 19.

“Many doctors and nurses not only fold shifts in their eagerness to win the fight the spread of this epidemic, but that expose their health. As always, prove to be beyond the wages paid and the obligations labour signed a contract”, are some of the words that captured the comedian.