Put a nasobuco a Lada to protect you from coronavirus


For nobody is a secret the great importance it has for the cubans to have a means of private transport. Therefore, anyone who manages to get hold of one of his own, automatically becomes a member of the family.

The drivers and conductors, do not skimp on expenses and care ends to maintain their machines in foot. Was not going to be less in times of coronavirus in Cuba, when you have already begun to emerge fun ideas to “protect” the jewels with wheels of the pandemic.

And it is that ingenuity and the ability of the cuban to bring out the fun side and start a laughter to others in the midst of difficult situations has become to get noticed in the social networks.

On this occasion the charge to make others laugh more than one has been a user named Claudia Espino, who shared a few photographs in the group Friends of the engine of Facebook that shows a car of the brand Russian Lada in red color parked in the middle of the street carrying a huge nasobuco in the front.

Facebook / Friends of the engine

“Protecting the COVID – 19”, commented Claudia next to the publication.

Facebook / Friends of the engine

The humorous comments on the part of the members of the group were not long in appear, to some, hinting at the strength and resilience that have the cars Russian.

“Yes my sister, that the thing is ugly,” “Beware do not give a fever now”, “The best thing I’ve seen today on Facebook”, “The russians don’t get that, still,” “That’s Russian, not fall or the bullets”, “Oh how funny, please, truth, what not happens to a cuban’t think of anyone” or “Déjaselo that are going to melt if you grab coronavirus”.

Other supporters, for their part, have not seen grace the publication of Claudia Espino, and have argued that one should not play with such a sensitive topic and is current as is the coronavirus in Cuba.

“Don’t take this as grace. This has not started yet, there is much to suffer, and what we’re going to live in the flesh. Beware that there will be time to have fun,” said one user.

The Ladas is one of the brands of cars Russian most abundant and popular for the streets and roads of the island. The first copies started to arrive to Cuba at the beginning of the 80’s, during the era of the former Soviet Union.

Currently, these means of transport continue to be of interest to the government. Ago a couple of years ago was made public the news of the institutions of the country were valued the possibility of introducing the country to some specimens in its more modern version to be allocated to taxis, patrol cars and state-owned entities.