‘Ready Player One’: All the references, Easter Eggs and characters that you have to look at the film


Back in 2018, Steven Spielberg returned to the film of adventure, fantasy and science fiction that is given as well with ‘Ready Player One’ adaptation of the novel by Ernest Cline that would lead us to a future in which humanity had taken refuge from the hardships of the real world in OASIS, a virtual reality that you can be whoever you want and as you want (if you can afford it).

Ready Player One

The film has landed in three of the major streaming platforms (Netflix, HBO Spain, and Amazon Prime Video) recently, so it is a perfect time to see it if not what did you do on your day in cinemas. OASIS is a virtual world massive, characterized by one thing: it is a festival of pop culture references. Movies, video games, books and comics of yesterday and today are brought together in a madness of winks and references. Whether you’re a fan of the cinema of Spielberg’s more playful, as if not in ‘Ready Player One’ you have a perfect pastime if, by some chance, you can’t leave the house in the next few days.

If you were a fan of the books ‘Where’s Wally’, you may remember that the last pages of each book, containing lists of hidden objects in drawings to those who have found the elusive of the striped jersey in all scenarios. Here is a list of characters, Easter Eggs and references that you can find in ‘Ready Player One’. Can be winks, visual, or references referred to by characters. Try to find all-you-can –and if we have escaped any one,, please tell us!

Gunters, time to search!

– ‘Minecraft’

– Batman

– The Batmobile from the series of ‘Batman’ 60’s

– The Joker

– Harley Quinn

– Deathstroke

– Catwoman

– Wolf

– Freddy Krueger

– Jason Voorhees

– A bat leth Klingon (‘Star Trek’)

– Ryu and Chun-Li (‘Street Fighter’)

– Logo of ‘Street Fighter’

– Let’s Hadouken! (‘The Street Fighter’)

– The monster truck Bigfoot

– DeLorean (‘Back to the Future’)

– A reference to Robert Zemeckis, director of ‘Back to the future’

– Moto of ‘TRON’

– The Mach 5 from ‘Speed Racer’

– Bike of Kaneda, from ‘Akira’

– The tyrannosaurus Rex from ‘Jurassic Park’

– King Kong

– Godzilla

– Mechagodzilla

– Poster of ‘The last great hero’

– The iron giant

– Ship of ‘Battlestar Galactica’

– Truck Pork Chop Express ‘Blow in the small China’

– Alien “stomach” of ‘Alien, the eighth passenger’

– Ship Sulaco from ‘Alien’

– Ship Valley Forge from ‘Silent Running’

– Arrakis, the planet of ‘Dune’

– ‘GoldenEye’, the video game

– Clark Kent (Superman)

– Peter Parker (Spider-Man)

– Bruce Banner (The Hulk)

– Marvin the Martian

– ‘Space Invaders’

– ‘Asteroids’

– ‘Galaga’

– Building of ACME

– ‘The amazing adventures of Bill and Ted’

– ‘The immortals’

– Pontiac from ‘Smokey and the Bandit’

– Stormtroopers (Star Wars’)

– R2-D2 (Star Wars’)

– X-Wing’Star Wars’)

– Objects of ‘Borderlands’

– Objects of ‘Overwatch’

– Ship of ‘the war of The worlds’

– ‘Judge Dredd’

– ‘Cocktail’

– KITT, the car from ‘knight rider’

– Knife ‘Cornered (Rambo)’

– ‘2001: A space odyssey’

– Beetlejuice

– Goro (‘Mortal Kombat’)

– ‘Dark crystal’

– Rosebud (‘Citizen Kane’)

– Prince

– ‘Mad Max’

– ‘Gremlins’

– ‘Christine’

– Michael Jackson

– Duran Duran

– ‘The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension’

– ‘Battletoads’

– Willy Wonka

– Gandalf

– John Hughes

– Groucho Marx

– ‘Saturday night fever’

– ‘The club of five’

– Ferrari ‘All in a day’

– ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’

– ‘Animal House’

– ‘Robotron’

– Joy Division

– ‘Dungeons & Dragons’

– ‘The fly’

– ‘A great love’

– ‘Something’s wrong with Mary’

– The Simon

– ‘Thundercats’

– Hello Kitty

– Keroppi

– Batz Maru

– ‘The shining’

– Zealot of ‘Starcraft’

– Nancy Drew

– An Atari 2600

– ‘Centipede’

– Gun from ‘Eraser (Remover)’

– ‘Pitfall’

– ‘Swordquest’

– ‘Motocross’

– ‘Adventure’

– Chucky, the doll diabolical

– Spawn

– The Ninja Turtles

– Gundam

– Madball

– ‘Terminator 2: The judgement day’

– Grenade ‘The knights of the square table and their crazy followers’

– ‘Mario Kart’

– ‘Joust’

– ‘Indiana Jones in raiders of the Lost Ark’

– ‘The planet forbidden’

– ‘Pac-Man’

– ‘2112’ by Rush

– Van ‘The A team’

– Soldiers of ‘Halo’

– Sonic

– ‘Say Anything’

– Riding Pee-wee

– Devo

– Shepard ‘Mass Effect’

– Lara Croft

– ‘Jason and the Argonauts’

– RoboCop

– Cars from ‘Pole Position’

– ‘Duke Nukem’

– Spell of ‘Excalibur’

– Ship of ‘The crazy history of the galaxies’

– The Serenity from ‘Firefly’

– The Swordfish of ‘Cowboy Bebop’

– Cyclops ‘Sinbad’

– Chappie

– Robot from ‘Lost in space’

– A Tandy 1000

– A Commodore 64

– A Macintosh

– ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’

– ‘Wonder Woman’