‘How To Be Lonely’ it is the most recent work of Rita and was written by the award-winning BRIT and his close friend Lewis Capaldi, that he also played guitar on the track and intervened in the chorus.

The video, directed by award-winning director Dave Meyers (Kendrick Lamar, Billie Eilish and Travis Scottshows Rita sporting their maximum potential.

Rita says about the topic:

“My friends, I have not talked to in a LONG time. I thought I’d write something longer to be able to share my thoughts and intentions with you, because they are all on this journey with me. Last year was like the end of a chapter and the beginning of a new one and stimulating for me.

One of the feelings most liberating for me is to create music and interpret it. You all know that the music will always be my first love and while working on different projects, I’m always composing… so there is always something new!

I was very anxious for the release of my new single ‘How To Be Lonely’, a song that I am proud. I really enjoyed working with Lewis, it was very funny. It is a great talent and artist of the time. I really connected with the lyrics when I sent it.

To travel the world, work and experience different countries, I learned over the years to enjoy my own company and cherish every interaction. This song is inspired in different periods of my life; moments in which I realized that we are all valuable -and that we should appreciate it – and that despite the fact that relationships are important, we do not need the approval of others. When you are alone, remember that you are a self-sufficient and have the strength to make their own choices. Enjoy being yourself!

Many MANY thanks to you all for the incredible help, for joining me on this journey and allowing me to do what I love the most. I’m anxious because listen to more!“

Rita continues to demonstrate that it is a force with which to reckon. After the departure of his debut album certified Platinum, Phoenix, broke records with her single ‘Let You Love Me’, which became their thirteenth single in the Top 10, and started a new record in the lists of Uk Top 10 for a female artist in britain. To date, Rita has sold seven million singles and more than 1,000 million plays on Spotify of his last five singles.

Rita is a talented industry leader in television, culture, and fashion. Recently announced its partnership with Conecuh Brands to launch the tequila Prosperous and joined the team as partner creative. In addition, it has ventured into the cinema in “Fifty Shades of Grey”, “Fast & Furious”, “Southpaw”, “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu” and in the next original film of the Sky “TWIST” next to Michael Caine and Lena Headey, in which he plays the female version of the Evader Cunning (Artful Dodger).